Whatever the scale of project, we always seek to ensure that our work is uniquely refined and of the highest quality. The size and structure of chadwickdryerclarke ensures that the practice directors are integral to project development at all design stages.


We believe that it is our combination of experience and creativity that forms our core value. We understand that budget and time are often the key constraints for a project, providing a framework for the exploration and testing of ideas.
Working in close partnership with our clients and wider stakeholders, we look to clarify the core needs and aspirations of any project at its outset. For us, the design process is a constant dialogue with the client, and the success of any project greatly depends on this open relationship. Our skills lie in our ability to turn constraints into opportunities, test pre-conceptions, and assimilate our clients’ briefs into a coherent and exciting design concept.
We produce diagrams, models, drawings and animations to analyse and represent our findings. This informs our potential initial strategy including massing and spatial organisation. We like to guide the client through the design process and ensure that they have the opportunity for input at each stage.
Our studio works in Archicad, utilising Building Information Modelling (BIM) for all projects. This allows ourselves to communicate our ideas to clients three dimensionally. We are able to work at BIM Level 2, allowing rapid sharing of information within the design team and accurate 3D modelling of the design.
Environmental and sustainable design is intrinsic to all of our work and we have experience in delivering projects with BREEAM assessments, renewable technologies and sophisticated natural ventilation strategies. A design solution must focus closely upon the comfort of the occupant, and maintain that comfort by minimal means. Sometimes this demands the integration of low-energy and renewable technologies into the building fabric to reduce energy consumption. Sometimes it simply relies on the ability of someone to open a window, or close their blinds against the sun.