In life we are surrounded by items which have been designed, some good, some annoying, some which are magnificent and beautiful, but what about the places where we live?


When Chadwick Dryer Clarke meet a potential new client or clients’ we have an exchange of ideas, an overview and a discussion of a list of requirements and potential wish lists, followed by a tour of the building or space in question ( London, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, South ). On occasion CDC studio will be asked if we provide sketches to help the client/s decide with whom ( Cambridge architect / London architect ) to proceed. This always brings to mind the question, what is ‘the value of design’?

Every design is unique as every client and their requirements and budget is unique, as every site has a unique set of circumstances. Neighbouring properties and the setting have an impact on the design and the approach to any design as a result all of these items requires careful consideration and assessment.

Chadwick Dryer Clarke has the skill and the ability to consider all of these parameters, this is done with time and thought to determine a suitable solution taking on board all of the unique elements. This is the first outcome. Beyond this more architectural ideas emerge, a refinement of the initial thoughts or totally new ideas or opportunities spring to mind. It is at this point the greater value of design begins to weave its way into the process. The requirement of time and thought and sketching not something to be completed in a moment. Chadwick Dryer Clarke has the skill to take these visual thoughts and the ability to record them on paper for our clients to understand, it is this design ability which has a value. Once an idea is realised only then is the true value and nature of those initial sketches apparent and you see the value of design.

Chadwick Dryer Clarke are specialists, education architects, residential architects, renovation architects, our core areas are London architects, Cambridge architects, Hertfordshire architects, Buckinghamshire architects.

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

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